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Can I make Hamburger Helper With Ground Pork, Chicken, or Turkey?

Yes! You can substitute the traditional ground beef with the meat of your choice. Simply make sure that your substitute meat consistency matches the beef consistency that is recommended by Hamburger Helper, since our recipes are built to work with certain types of meat textures that take specific prep time to cook properly. To ensure you get the taste and consistency you desire, experiment with and sample the meal recipe at every step of the preparation process.

Can You Make Hamburger Helper Without Meat (Vegetarian)?

Yes! Although traditionally Hamburger Helper has called for meat additions, these ingredients can be easily substituted by your choice of protein. Instead of meat, you can add vegetables or a meat alternative of your choice to Hamburger Helper meals to make them plant-based. 

However, be aware that most of our boxed meal products contain ingredients that are not vegan, including milk and animal fat.

Can You Use Plant Milk or Another Milk Substitute in Hamburger Helper?

Absolutely. Since milk adds a creamy texture to the Hamburger Helper sauce, it or its substitutes are recommended as a major ingredient to flavorful Hamburger Helper meals. For best results, choose plant milk or a milk substitute that is sweet or savory, depending on the meal type. To ensure flavor satisfaction, try a select milk substitute on a small sample batch of your meal in order to test for the overall flavor. Coconut milk and cream has a thicker consistency than most plant-based milks and is recommended as the best milk substitute for Hamburger Helper meals.

Does Hamburger Helper Expire?

Hamburger Helper boxed meals have low moisture content and can keep fresh even past their expiration date. However, for best results and quality assurance, we recommend using your Hamburger Helper boxed meal by its expiration date.

How Do You Make Hamburger Helper?

You can make Hamburger Helper by making a sauce and pasta separately, and then combining them both in a medium bowl to simmer and marinate together prior to serving.

Here are simple directions you can follow:

  • Cook ground beef in a skillet, drain liquid, and return beef to skillet
  • Stir in hot water, milk (or milk substitute), sauce mix, and pasta
  • Cover and simmer, stirring occasionally. Most pasta is done in about 10 minutes

What Can You Serve With Hamburger Helper?

There is no limit on the particular food you should serve with Hamburger Helper. From sauteed greens and steamed veggies to mushrooms and grilled peppers, there are endless sides you can have with Hamburger Helper meals.

What is Hamburger Helper?

Hamburger Helper is a meal in a box that consists of pasta and a variety of seasonings, depending on the product type. 

What makes it a popular choice for busy households is that it requires only a few ingredients to make, has easy and quick turn-around, and is an affordable meal that an entire family can enjoy. Oh yeah, it is also delicious! 

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